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If you are familiar with Häfele’s kitchen storage solutions you might have seen that many of the cabinets are offered in two different models: Arena Style and Arena Classic. For many, they may have looked the same when viewing them online the first time. However, they are different. In fact, they are quite unique once you know what you are looking for. The difference is the basket, or the actual tray of the product.
Rather than explaining in words how Arena Style and Arena Classic are different, let’s look at a few pictures and examples:

Häfele Arena Classic Storage Tray

Häfele Arena Style Storage Tray

Arena Trays

The trays do have the same capacity, size and function, the only little difference is the rail – and this really is a design choice you have to make. There is no right or wrong, it’s a personal preference leading people to purchase one or the other. Even looking at our order history, there is no clear favourite here.
We always recommend visiting one of our showrooms or studio partners before ordering so you can get a feel for what you want. It is easier to decide on such big items once you have seen them before and had a chance to try them out. Also, all our showrooms and studio partners have professional staff available to help you make the right decision.
To find out where your nearest Häfele studio partner is, type in your postcode or city into our Studio Locator.
Alternatively, shop Häfele products online on to take over control of your kitchen renovation!

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