The Difference between Häfele Australia and Häfele Home

Have you come across Social Media pages of Häfele Australia and Häfele Home? Do you know that there’s a difference between both pages?

Häfele Australia

Häfele Australia’s social media pages are all about the company Häfele in Australia and its stakeholders. By following the social media pages from Häfele Australia, you will get company news, career opportunities and snippets of our whole Häfele range in Australia – not everything is available for end customers.
Häfele Australia will mainly speak to trade customers, businesses, and those who have a genuine interest in the company. In contrast, Häfele Home is completely different.

Häfele Home

Hafele Home is the first online shop for end customers that Häfele worldwide is offering. We could see that many people were asking to purchase Häfele products but found it hard to do so, not being in the trade. After noticing this demand, we wanted to make it happen for our Australian customers, which is why Häfele Home was created. We don’t offer all our Häfele products on Häfele Home, instead, we are focusing on products that we believe are most relevant for individuals and are easy to retrofit.
On Häfele Home’s social media channels you will find inspiration for your home with Häfele products being the main focus. It is all about giving you an idea of how and where to use Häfele products and how they look in a finished setting.

Ideas for Living

This page is created to exclusively inspire you and give you latest updates on products, trends and news. Ideas for Living consists of the website only and does not have additional social media channels as it is a mix of inspiration for Häfele Home and Häfele Australia.
On Ideas for Living, you can find the company’s blog where you find all updates and trends, but you can also find more information of selected products. Plus, if you like to visit a studio partner, you can find all our studio partners in Australia here, which makes it easy for you to find out which one is closest to you.

We hope this answers your questions you have had in regards to all our separate pages. If you have more questions concerning Häfele’s various pages and touchpoints, don’t hesitate to comment on here or send us a message on one of our social media channels:

Häfele Australia:
Instagram and Twitter: @hafele_aus
LinkedIn: Hafele Australia

Häfele Home:
Instagram: @hafelehome
Pinterest: Hafele Home

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