Convoy Premio Pantry by Kesseböhmer

Convoy Premio: The next generation pantry unit. The Convoy Premio from Kesseböhmer offers new functionality combined with perfect movement sequences to provide a unique experience for any kitchen. One simple ergonomic movement opens up the contents of the cabinet for anyone to see and access.

CONVOY Premio is a clear expression of Kesseböhmer’s pioneering spirit. This unique solution is the culmination of our entire expertise in the areas of technology and design. You will be spellbound by the product’s ability to operate absolutely silently even when full and the elegant opening motion of the door that seems to float in mid-air.

The CONVOY Premio creates an emotional connection when you open or close it: The products slide out of the cupboard, moving directly towards you so that you can access them from three sides. With CONVOY Premio stocking up on food becomes a real adventure.

“Anything that makes storage more efficient and gives you easier access to your goods whilst looking this good has got to be commended. Sleek and sophisticated, the storage solution of the CONVOY PREMIO is the type of luxe internal additional everybody should have in their homes.” – Darren Palmer