Convoy Centro Pantry by Kesseböhmer

Convoy Centro: The original “mixed double” fridge and pantry unit. The Convoy Centro from Kessebohmer provides enough space to store all the groceries for a household in one centrally located unit with a very small footprint. A light touch moves the entire contents out in front of the unit for clear views from either side.

The glass sides of the shelves allow the user full and clear view to all the contents. What makes the shelves on the Convoy Centro unique is that they are infinitely adjustable meaning the full capacity of the pantry can be used no matter what goods are stored inside.

The Convoy Centro has a weight capacity of 120kg which is more than enough to keep all your dry storage in one central place. The built-in soft closing mechanism gives the pantry a smooth, soft closing feeling and the addition of dampening in the opening direction prevents any rattle from the goods inside.