Whether they rest or hang, sit on delicate frames or float in groups, ball lamps – lights with spherical glass shades – are much more versatile than you might initially think from their somewhat limited form.

Transparent glass spheres make the lights seem invisible when they are switched off; an iridescent surface gives them the appearance of oversized bubbles, and coloured glass makes them look like floating sweets. Versions made of plain glass give a clear view of the light source, resulting in additional creative flexibility.

Vintage-style light bulbs and bulbs with filament designs create a cosy retro atmosphere, while modern LED light bulbs with a sculptural design become a literal highlight. Ball lamps make the biggest impression when arranged above generously-sized tables or in spacious entrances – hung in clusters or connected to a satellite structure.

Light bulbs with colourful glass shades

A clear view of the light bulbs: the colourful glass shades act as a colour filter and provide an opportunity to consider aesthetics when choosing the light source. © imm cologne/Willisau

Oversized lighting

Hang, position, place: the lights with the large glass spheres work well together and are perfect for arranging in groups. © imm cologne/BROKIS

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