The “Wabi Sabi” interior design trend: imperfect purism

The latest interior trend comes from Japan and is called “Wabi Sabi”, meaning “imperfect purism”. What is it? The counter trend to a self-optimised and perfectly-styled world.

“Wabi Sabi” is about discovering flawed beauty, embracing imperfection and accepting it for what it is. A home doesn’t have to have neatly plastered walls; exposed concrete and brickwork also have their charms.

There’s no need for decorative knick-knacks, just everyday objects. With “Wabi Sabi”, furnishings take on an air of calmness through purism in particular, with furnishings being reduced to what’s really necessary. Natural materials, organic forms and hand-made items give the style its integrity.

Fig. 1: Serenity is the new glamour: purist living ambience with exposed concrete and unrendered brickwork. © shutterstock

Fig. 2: Natural materials and functional furnishings: with “Wabi Sabi” your home contains only what you actually need and what makes you happy.  © shutterstock

Fig. 3: Beauty lies in imperfection and the patina of wear and tear: unrendered, partially painted walls. © shutterstock

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