Long Live Monotone – the Tone-on-Tone Room Concept

Whether on the wall or in the form of furniture, rugs and decorative objects, the latest trend is monotone. With tone-on-tone styling, your own home can be as sophisticated and atmospheric as if the showroom stylist had just walked out of the door. The most important thing to remember with tone-on-tone styling?

Ideally, only one colour should be used for a room and its furnishing, and play around with decorative elements in the same colour. This makes the use of different textures and materials more important so that rooms appear more structured and harmonious.

Tone-on-tone rooms are especially effective when not just the walls, ceiling and doors have the same colour, but the floor covering as well. A variety of different nuances and gloss levels in the same colour also create impressive effects in a minimalistic room concept.

Earthly toned room with beige floor and cupboards, light brown wall and decoration

Fig. 1: Different-coloured decorative elements provide specific focal points in tone-on-tone rooms.
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Montone blue living room with blue couch and blue wall, grey cushions and grey floor

Fig. 2: The dominant and monotone turquoise from the wall and sofa is broken up by white and grey accents.
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