Small appliances smarten up

Kettles, blenders and coffee machines are all devices that we generally appreciate in terms of their performance, but would prefer to hide away behind cabinet doors. Small appliances have a tendency to flaunt their potential dressed up in chromium-plated plastic with unnecessarily flashing displays.

The new minimalism trend calls them to reason. These days, our electrical aids have to show off their abilities as well as their aesthetic qualities. Toasters, mixers, hair dryers – any manufacturer that focuses on style is taking advantage of a unique selling proposition and serving a trend: we curate the few goods that we own and give them an unashamedly prominent position in our homes.

These days we expect good design in every detail, thereby challenging electronic companies to provide something beautiful for every purpose.

Small appliances in the kitchen: Toaster, Soda Maker and Coffee Machine

Small appliances can often be found grouped together, especially in kitchens: smoothie mixers, bread machines and soda makers all colonise our worktops. ©shutterstock

Light and bright kitchen with small appliances such as smoothie maker, toaster, kettle, coffee machine and more

Free spaces and plain fronts: anything placed here is prominently visible. Well-designed small appliances do not disrupt the concept but become part of it. ©shutterstock

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