Mixing metals: copper, silver, brass and gold don’t go together? As if!

Silver, gold and bronze have been a persistent trend in furnishings for several years now. Polished brass was the pioneer, followed by rose gold shades of metal. They provide metallic accents as a vase, decorative object, furniture or lampshade and are a key element of the Hygge trend.

Gold and bronze are combined with matt and natural surfaces such as rough wood or natural stone and contrast with soft pastel shades. Hygge also shows how metals can be skilfully combined with each other: decorative objects are placed in groups, and metals are used to provide detail or as a slender framework in furniture.

The myth that you shouldn’t put different metals together no longer holds true: gold or bronze provide a cool/warm contrast with silver that always looks elegant when balanced correctly.

Mixing metals in the kitchen

Fig. 1: When mixing metals, well-placed accents provide gleaming highlights. ©shutterstock

Fig. 2: As well as polished metals, brushed or patinated surfaces are also on trend. ©shutterstock

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