Small but impressive – the new mini kitchens

They are compact, mobile, and you can easily take them with you to any apartment when you move: in times when urban living spaces are becoming increasingly smaller and people are becoming increasingly mobile, module kitchens are making an impressive comeback.

This trend is reflected perfectly in Häfele’s long-standing philosophy: “More life per square meter”. Interpreted in a modern way, the kitchen boxes are more versatile than ever: as a multifunctional kitchen island or a slimline side cabinet, the compact modules are independent of any floor plan and can be repositioned, expanded or closed as you like.

Tip: Do you want space for a dishwasher but you only need a tiny sink? Craftsmen produce personal mini kitchens or modules to meet your requirements.

Mini kitchen in grey
Fig. 1: Moving made easy: simply close up the compact kitchen and take it with you. © Living Kitchen/DIZZ Concept

Mini kitchen in white
Fig. 2: At first glance, a plain, simple structure – if you look more closely, it’s a virtuoso multi-talent: the “MeisterMöbel” modular kitchen island from Häfele.
© shutterstock

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