LATEST TRENDS – High Ceilings

Beneath the ceiling: stucco, murals and contrasting paintwork

Overlooked or even deliberately ignored, ceilings are neglected in interior design. In some places, stucco bears witness to times past, whereas contemporary colour schemes deliberately ignored the ceiling area.

Recently, attention is increasingly turning to the wall above our heads, allowing it to show off its full potential. With high ceilings in particular, coloured paints visually widen the room and can indirectly give it an especially atmospheric ambiance between the ocean or a forest clearing.

If you paint the ceiling and provide indirect lighting, this quickly creates a new atmosphere in the room without any additional design elements. There’s still no place for wallpaper on ceilings. However, you can individualise them with murals, turning them into a canvas. With this trend, artists graphically design ceilings according to your wishes, thereby competing with classic wall murals.

Don’t shy away from graphics or embellishments: integrating ceilings in the design creates consistent room concepts. ©shutterstock

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