Cosiness in the kitchen: upholstery and textiles move in

When life changes, so too does the living room. We’ve got rid of the utility room, the dining room has merged into the kitchen and living room, and the bathroom is moving ever closer to the bedroom. Even kitchens are showing they are ready for a change.

Whereas in times of standardised fitted kitchens the cooking was done behind closed doors, kitchens are now the epicentre of social interaction. The oven is our camp fire, the kitchen is the place where we socialise. It emits a cosy atmosphere that emanates to the living room or even replaces it altogether: cushions adorn the furniture and rugs keep your feet warm; you can even find a sofa or two near to the oven.

More and more people see the kitchen as the centre of their home and therefore declare it as a hygge zone – long nights guaranteed.

Caption: Cooking together, a sociable dinner and moving to the sofa for an aperitif: the kitchen has become a social multi-functional room.
Caption: Plants, cushions, rugs and upholstered furniture are moving closer to the oven. The living room opens into the kitchen – or blends in with it.

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