Expanding the living area: the kitchen is the communicative heart of the home

It’s where all the best parties start and end: the kitchen is the social campfire in every home and has become a warm and inviting location for all other activities. Whereas in the past, the living room was understandably the largest room in the home, these days it’s often the kitchen that has the largest number of square metres.

Classic functional areas are no longer spatially separated and we now cook, eat, work and live in open-plan areas. This open space is anchored by islands such as free-standing cooking islands and long tables where we come together to interact.

This spatial resolution also bids farewell to rigid furnishing rules: furniture is no longer a one-stop solution bought from a catalogue, but a cosy mix of styles with openly presented artefacts, lots of textiles and lovingly decorated rooms.

Fig. 1: Open shelving, lots of green, and different styles of furniture all go to make the kitchen the meeting point in the home. ©shutterstock

Fig. 2: Today, kitchens are used as a dining room and living room as well as an office and lounge area. ©shutterstock

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