Well-rounded: circles are the new “it” shape

Circles have long been recognised as the perfect shape in art. Without a beginning or an end, the uniformly round, highly symmetrical shape stands for harmony and balance.

In furnishings, too, circular forms have an air of sophistication and reassurance. No wonder then, that as our lives become increasingly hectic, circles are among the most popular shapes in interior design.

In 2018, they are used in a number of ways: as a mirror, side table, rug, washbasin or vase – or even as a bed, shelf, or in the form of a circular bathtub. The positive side effect of this is that the harmonious form gives the impression of security “in the family circle” and is thus ideal for anyone who wants to relax within their own four walls.

Fig. 1: What a beautiful morning! Circular washbasin and bathroom mirror. © shutterstock

Fig. 2: The perfectly symmetrical circle as a decorative element breaks up the rigidity of square rooms. © shutterstock

Fig. 3: Giving the room an air of tranquillity and promising relaxing dreams: the circular bed.
© shutterstock

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