Dark walls conjure up the image of adolescent protests, while black interior accessories evoke Gothic devotional articles. Yet the colour, which isn’t a colour in actual fact but merely the absence of all colours, is slowly creeping back into living spaces. Just like white, black is the ideal stage.

When used to create individual accents, the contrast in quantity makes them appear especially intensive. This is why black walls go particularly well with the resurgent “tropicalia” style with its large-leafed green plants, oxidised metals and strong colours.

The common assumption that black makes rooms appear smaller is outdated. Black gives an impression of three-dimensional depth, makes the edges of the room recede and adds a touch of drama. The inverse staging of black details in a white room requires less courage – together, the two non-colours appear striking and timeless.

Fig. 1: Black paint has a calming effect in bedrooms in particular and highlights purposefully staged details. ©shutterstock

Fig. 2: Homely with lots of black: the interior skilfully plays with the contrast between dark and light as well as the space between the two shades. ©shutterstock

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