Warm berry shades bring autumn cheer to your home

Bathed in sunlight, the autumn landscape is a true feast for the eyes. No other season provides such a colourful spectacle. But as the weather turns colder, introducing berry shades like bramble and grape into your living space can help you create a haven of warmth and security.

The trick is to make these strong colours into a feature. Set against white, slate blue-grey and light wood, berry shades create a fabulous fresh, contemporary look. If nostalgia is more your thing, combine purple tones with pastels like sky blue, or with gold for a truly luxurious effect. If you want to be really bold, try mixing berry shades with pink and orange and see which colour outshines the others.


Photo: A classic combination. Set against white and grey, soft furnishings such as pillows and throw blankets in purple create a beautiful accent in any space.

© urbanara

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