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The temperatures, especially in the southern states, indicate it already: Winter is almost here. Winter is the season where people seek the warmth inside. Warm jumpers, blankets and rugs have their time to shine to help keep us warm. Decoration around the house changes, from colourful autumn to cool, subtle colours for winter. Although winter colours might not be as bright and warm as we are used to during summer, they still are elegant and easy to combine. Dulux has just revealed the winter colour trends for 2018. Colours such as pale grey combined with accents of rust, grey green and terracotta dominate this year’s winter season when it comes to interior design.

Color palette
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Winter Coziness

But don’t stress, you don’t have to paint the walls to live this trend. You can simply emphasise the colours with your decoration. Cushions, rugs, even candles or flowers in these colours are all you need. Be creative and don’t be scared of trying something new.

As much as we love a good colour combination, there is more than just colours to get your home and yourself winter-ready! Let’s start with your wardrobe. If you haven’t done it already, the sad news is: you can put your summer clothes away and get out the jumpers, coats and beanies. Leave a couple of shorts and t-shirts out as the weather sometimes can be unpredictable and unexpected warm days can happen.

Terracotta couch with grey cushions
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Winter preparation

Another good tip is to cover up tiles with a rug or a nice mat. Is there anything worse getting up early in the morning and having to stand on the cold tiles in the bathroom or kitchen? Talking about freezing, make sure you get the blankets out to keep you warm at night. As the nights get colder, some nice and soft bedding sheets might be a great way to keep you warm and comfortable at night.
As much as we love some sun during the winter months, make sure to cover up windows when it’s not sunny to stop inside heat escaping, respectively outside cold coming in. Blinds and curtains can be your best friend when temperatures go down.

It also is highly recommended to clean and replace air vents and filters. Servicing your air conditioning should be a no-brainer between seasons. Besides reducing the dust levels, the energy consumption of your air conditioner can go down by 5% to 15%. If you don’t have a reverse-cycle air conditioner, you might need to check if you need another heater for the cold days.

Winter is also known for layers of texture. This also is a great way of adding the winter colours to your home. Sheets, cushions, rugs, everything looks different but the combination is what makes it warm and comfortable.

Are you undertaking any redecorating in your home for winter? Have we forgotten anything? Let us know!


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