Five Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas that will change the way you use your kitchen forever

Every inch of space is important when it comes to kitchen storage. We all want storage solutions that are both practical and aesthetically-pleasing. But of course, it can be hard to find solutions that incorporate both these elements.

Luckily Häfele Australia, with the help of the team at Alby Turner & Son, have compiled five clever kitchen storage ideas for you to incorporate when designing your kitchen.

Häfele Australia has remained a long-time partner of Alby Turner & Son. Alby Turner & Son use a variety of Häfele’s products in their custom kitchen and cabinetry designs to enhance the overall functionality of the cabinetry for their clients. Alby Turner & Son swears by Häfele’s innovative designs and premium German quality.

Below, we list five kitchen storage solutions that will change the way you use your kitchen, forever!

1. Häfele’s ‘Pull-out’ Wall Units

This pull-out style No.15 under bench unit from Kesseböhmer is ideal for storing spices, jugs, oils and a variety of every-day kitchen contents. You can even store kitchen utensils in a narrow container using this pull-out.

This unit is best suited to narrow, vertical spaces that may appear beside your oven or dishwasher. This pull-out also allows for quick access to contents and can act as a ‘filler’ cabinet for narrow spaces.

(design by Alby Turner & Son)

2. Häfele Lift-up Tray ‘iMove’

The ‘iMove’ from Kesseböhmer provides easy access to top-cupboard contents using smooth, steady motion so that everything is within arm’s reach. The lift-up tray is ideal for those who are ‘vertically challenged’ or those who are tired of having to climb their overhead cabinets to reach the seasoning while cooking dinner. 

3. Häfele’s ‘Docking Drawer’

Häfele’s ‘docking drawer’ allows you to power small kitchen appliances and your favourite devices. The integrated thermostat will automatically cut power to the outlet in the event that the surrounding temperature exceeds 120 degrees, which minimises risk. 

4. Häfele’s ‘Hide-away’ Waste Bin

Waste management is made effortless with this compact waste management system. This compact system is easy to access, easy to change and comes in a variety of sizes and bucket heights to suit a range of kitchen cabinet widths. 

5. Häfele’s ‘Pull-out’ Pantry Frame

This floor to ceiling pantry ‘pull-out’ allows for easy access to ingredients and snacks. A synchronized runner provides stability and smooth operation. With ‘soft close’ technology and easy installation, this pull-out is a great way to enhance the functionality of your kitchen.

(design by Alby Turner & Son) 

Kitchens are called upon to store everything from food and cooking equipment to pots, pans, small appliances, and more. For effective kitchen storage solutions, it is important to have a place for everything and have everything in its place. By incorporating these nifty storage solutions into your new kitchen, you are sure to maximise the functionality of your kitchen cabinetry in no time.


About Alby Turner & Son:

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